Preparing For Investment Banking Interview

Investment banking interviews are marathons, not sprints. And many people are vying for the few openings each year in this industry. Do you have what it takes to succeed? The right perspective and dedication to be an investment banker require a myriad of preparations, emotionally, psychologically, and physically. In order to succeed, you should identify what skills you have to contribute and what position you want.

You must be ready to be bombarded with questions and faced with circumstances that will hinder success in an investment banking interview. How well you do will determine whether or not you make the shortlist for those few vacancies.

Well-Crafted Cover Letter and Resume

Submit a well-written cover letter and a powerful professional resume that highlights your experiences, qualifications, and strengths. You should prepare your resume into your heart and head and must know all the details you have written on your resume. Analyze your resume from time to time so you get knowledge of what you can do. Note that the position calls for a person who can perform different crucial and vital tasks in the bank.


Be Prepared

Interviewers know that potential applicants for internship do not have experience working in the field. However, they will still expect you to have current knowledge of finance in general and the banking industry. They will determine your understanding by asking you questions about the IPOs, stock market, and current banking news.

The best preparation is to be familiarized with the recent trends in the stock market and other significant indices and read about news stories concerning the finance and banking industries. Your answers to these questions should show your knowledge and confidence in the market.


Do you have the right character?

Make sure every question you answer is factually and honestly. If you stretch your answers because you think that is what the interviewer is expecting in your responses, you lose credibility. If you are willing to lie during an interview, you will probably do much worse in dealing with the bank’s clients. No organization wants to hire someone who is of questionable character. Do not risk your chance of being hired because you embellish your answers.


Be Enthusiastic

It is not unusual for investment banking companies to have 100 resumes for every vacancy. These firms can select the best and most qualified from all of the potential candidates. Organizations are interested in hiring employees that have a strong desire to work for the company and are committed to succeeding once they are hired.

If you have a lack of enthusiasm for the company during your interview process, your resume will be rejected outright. If you cannot show interest in the company during a thirty-minute interview, how can you be motivated day in and day out if you are working for that company? Never display a lack of enthusiasm.



How much you prepare will manifest itself. Confidence will definitely flow, particularly when your interviewers see how much you know about the post and how much you understand the industry. Try and show them that the interview is a learning activity, and you enjoyed it as much. At the end of the interview, remain calm and friendly. Express your gratitude with words and a handshake, and walk out of the area with that look of confidence looking confident.

Tips in Acing an Investment Banking Interview

When you’ve finished your investment banking course, you are one step closer to your goal. Of course, that is to become an investment banker and the next step is passing the job interview.

You can apply for your dream companies but it would be better to be prepared for the interview. If you go to the interview without any preparation then you will most likely fail. Here are five tips we have prepared for the investment banking interview:

Dress Nicely

It would be important to be in formal attire for the interview. The interviewer will laugh at you if you’re in casual attire. It is like you’re not taking them seriously. For men, it would be advisable to wear a coat and tie to go along with a long-sleeve polo shirt. For women, always wear a blazer and a skirt. In fact, better spend a few minutes looking at the mirror before going to the interview to make sure you look great.

Sell Yourself

One by one, it would be important to enumerate all your accomplishments in work or school. Avoid making it look like you’re bragging though as that would be a major turn off. Remember, there are a lot of other applicants who are vying for the same role. Thus, better point out what separates you from the rest of them.

Don’t Be Late

Whatever happens, don’t be late for the investment banking interview. The interviewer will conclude that you have a knack for waking up late. She will think you will be the same if ever you get hired for the job. As a result, there is a huge chance the interview will become a waste of time. Thus, better set your alarm clock to at least an hour before the interview. As they say, it is better to be early than late.

Research about the Company

The interviewer will most likely ask you why there is an interest to work for the company. Thus, you must do your research about the company. If you guess what the company does, it is a major turn off and it will most likely lead to rejection. After all, it won’t take a few minutes to find out what the company does so better do it.

Practice Answers to Common Investment Banking Interview Questions

There is a huge chance the interviewer will ask questions about investment banking. This is to test your knowledge about the topic. Therefore, it would be a great idea to practice your knowledge about it.

In fact, you should study it and see if you can learn a lot more. If you were able to demonstrate how well you know about investment banking, the interviewer will most likely be impressed. The person will conclude you’re more than ready for the job.

After checking out our five tips for acing the investment banking interview, we’re confident you’ll get your dream job in no time. Just be sure that you’re not too confident about getting the job as interviewers hate arrogant people. They know it will affect the workplace.

Mistakes to Avoid at Investment Banking Interviews

After finishing your investment banking course, it would be time to get ready for the interview. It would be a mistake to come to the interview unprepared though. And the best way to prepare for to succeed at this interview, is to know the mistakes most applicants make and avoiding them at all costs.

So, without any further ado, here are some mistakes that must be avoided during the investment banking interview:

Talking Off-Topic

There are applicants who talk way too much. It is alright as long as the topic is about your background in investment banking. However, if it is about stories that are not related to that topic then that will turn the interviewer off. It would be better to go straight to the point.

Forgetting to Smile

It would leave a bad impression on any interviewer if you fail to smile. The person would be in a bad mood and your application would greatly be affected. Thus, better practice wearing a smile in front of the mirror before the interview.

Forgetting to Practice Answering Common Questions

If this is not your first time going to an interview, there is a chance you’ll know what the interviewer will ask. Yes, they ask basically the same thing in each interview. They have no idea who you are and the only way they will know your background is through your resume and a bunch of questions.

The interviewer will ask basic questions such as “Why should we hire you?” and “What are your strengths?”. Thus, it is best to research the best answers to these questions beforehand and have the answer prepared. For more in-depth info about investment banking interviews and the best tips for it, check out WallStreet Mastermind.

Interrupting the Interviewer

Never interrupt the interviewer when he/she is saying something. You’re going to give a bad impression when you talk over them. This rule also applies outside an interview. You should never interrupt people when they are talking. It is very disrespectful. Avoid doing this at all costs.

Talking at the Wrong Time

While the interviewer is going through your resume, it would be best to keep silent. Don’t feel the pressure to start a conversation. The person will be very annoyed and you’ll lose your opportunity to get the job. Better be patient and wait for them to ask the questions.

Being Overconfident

No matter how good you think you are, it would be a big mistake to be overconfident. Keep in mind there are other candidates vying for the same position. Thus, never overlook their accomplishments as they may have a more extensive background. It would be better to be humble throughout the entire interview and hope for the best.

Now that you’ve learned what you must avoid during the investment banking interview, the next step would be going to the interview with an open mind. Dress appropriately for the interview too.

Remember, giving a good first impression is the first step in achieving success.

Best tip avoid tourist traps like a pro

Everything that you love about traveling, tourist traps are the opposite of that. So whether you’re going to look at an ancient monument, or relax at a beachside resort, you always need to be on the lookout for these tourist traps.

Oh yes! There’s one good thing about these traps, they are usually easy to spot if you know what you’re looking for. These are some of the things you should on on the lookout for:

1. Multiple language menus

This is one of the most usual restourant traps tourists fall into. They go to a place and find a restaurant that has a menu that’s translated into multiple languages. And most of the time, these languages are poor translations of the actual name of the dish. The worst part, these places are dimly lit and they promise free bread and an unlimited olives.

You get excited and go in only to find out that the dishes they offer are neither authentic or good at all. Definitely not worth the money.

2. Use the power of facebook

Facebook groups are a powerful tool in helping you peel back the curtain and discover where you should go to have the best food, and sights to see in a city.

These group of expats are one of the most helpful people who get the chance to share their experiences from which you can learn. Not only that, you can also learn about all the tourist traps these expats fell into.