Best tip avoid tourist traps like a pro

Everything that you love about traveling, tourist traps are the opposite of that. So whether you’re going to look at an ancient monument, or relax at a beachside resort, you always need to be on the lookout for these tourist traps.

Oh yes! There’s one good thing about these traps, they are usually easy to spot if you know what you’re looking for. These are some of the things you should on on the lookout for:

1. Multiple language menus

This is one of the most usual restourant traps tourists fall into. They go to a place and find a restaurant that has a menu that’s translated into multiple languages. And most of the time, these languages are poor translations of the actual name of the dish. The worst part, these places are dimly lit and they promise free bread and an unlimited olives.

You get excited and go in only to find out that the dishes they offer are neither authentic or good at all. Definitely not worth the money.

2. Use the power of facebook

Facebook groups are a powerful tool in helping you peel back the curtain and discover where you should go to have the best food, and sights to see in a city.

These group of expats are one of the most helpful people who get the chance to share their experiences from which you can learn. Not only that, you can also learn about all the tourist traps these expats fell into.