Preparing For Investment Banking Interview

Investment banking interviews are marathons, not sprints. And many people are vying for the few openings each year in this industry. Do you have what it takes to succeed? The right perspective and dedication to be an investment banker require a myriad of preparations, emotionally, psychologically, and physically. In order to succeed, you should identify what skills you have to contribute and what position you want.

You must be ready to be bombarded with questions and faced with circumstances that will hinder success in an investment banking interview. How well you do will determine whether or not you make the shortlist for those few vacancies.

Well-Crafted Cover Letter and Resume

Submit a well-written cover letter and a powerful professional resume that highlights your experiences, qualifications, and strengths. You should prepare your resume into your heart and head and must know all the details you have written on your resume. Analyze your resume from time to time so you get knowledge of what you can do. Note that the position calls for a person who can perform different crucial and vital tasks in the bank.


Be Prepared

Interviewers know that potential applicants for internship do not have experience working in the field. However, they will still expect you to have current knowledge of finance in general and the banking industry. They will determine your understanding by asking you questions about the IPOs, stock market, and current banking news.

The best preparation is to be familiarized with the recent trends in the stock market and other significant indices and read about news stories concerning the finance and banking industries. Your answers to these questions should show your knowledge and confidence in the market.


Do you have the right character?

Make sure every question you answer is factually and honestly. If you stretch your answers because you think that is what the interviewer is expecting in your responses, you lose credibility. If you are willing to lie during an interview, you will probably do much worse in dealing with the bank’s clients. No organization wants to hire someone who is of questionable character. Do not risk your chance of being hired because you embellish your answers.


Be Enthusiastic

It is not unusual for investment banking companies to have 100 resumes for every vacancy. These firms can select the best and most qualified from all of the potential candidates. Organizations are interested in hiring employees that have a strong desire to work for the company and are committed to succeeding once they are hired.

If you have a lack of enthusiasm for the company during your interview process, your resume will be rejected outright. If you cannot show interest in the company during a thirty-minute interview, how can you be motivated day in and day out if you are working for that company? Never display a lack of enthusiasm.



How much you prepare will manifest itself. Confidence will definitely flow, particularly when your interviewers see how much you know about the post and how much you understand the industry. Try and show them that the interview is a learning activity, and you enjoyed it as much. At the end of the interview, remain calm and friendly. Express your gratitude with words and a handshake, and walk out of the area with that look of confidence looking confident.