Tips in Acing an Investment Banking Interview

When you’ve finished your investment banking course, you are one step closer to your goal. Of course, that is to become an investment banker and the next step is passing the job interview.

You can apply for your dream companies but it would be better to be prepared for the interview. If you go to the interview without any preparation then you will most likely fail. Here are five tips we have prepared for the investment banking interview:

Dress Nicely

It would be important to be in formal attire for the interview. The interviewer will laugh at you if you’re in casual attire. It is like you’re not taking them seriously. For men, it would be advisable to wear a coat and tie to go along with a long-sleeve polo shirt. For women, always wear a blazer and a skirt. In fact, better spend a few minutes looking at the mirror before going to the interview to make sure you look great.

Sell Yourself

One by one, it would be important to enumerate all your accomplishments in work or school. Avoid making it look like you’re bragging though as that would be a major turn off. Remember, there are a lot of other applicants who are vying for the same role. Thus, better point out what separates you from the rest of them.

Don’t Be Late

Whatever happens, don’t be late for the investment banking interview. The interviewer will conclude that you have a knack for waking up late. She will think you will be the same if ever you get hired for the job. As a result, there is a huge chance the interview will become a waste of time. Thus, better set your alarm clock to at least an hour before the interview. As they say, it is better to be early than late.

Research about the Company

The interviewer will most likely ask you why there is an interest to work for the company. Thus, you must do your research about the company. If you guess what the company does, it is a major turn off and it will most likely lead to rejection. After all, it won’t take a few minutes to find out what the company does so better do it.

Practice Answers to Common Investment Banking Interview Questions

There is a huge chance the interviewer will ask questions about investment banking. This is to test your knowledge about the topic. Therefore, it would be a great idea to practice your knowledge about it.

In fact, you should study it and see if you can learn a lot more. If you were able to demonstrate how well you know about investment banking, the interviewer will most likely be impressed. The person will conclude you’re more than ready for the job.

After checking out our five tips for acing the investment banking interview, we’re confident you’ll get your dream job in no time. Just be sure that you’re not too confident about getting the job as interviewers hate arrogant people. They know it will affect the workplace.